Message from the CEO

The year 2017 was year of exploring new opportunities for Courage Development Foundation. Although CDF implemented no project in 2017 but engaged with different donors, submitted projects for the next year. The area of activity also expanded from Punjab to Sindh and Balochistan.

In this year we have adopted the approach to go for long term projects along with short term projects for the sustainability of the organization. The organizational sustainability is a major challenge for non-profits and focusing on this, in 2017, CDF has built liaison with new donors and developed coordination links. These links will prove helpful in future grants and will also ensure inclusion in the broader network of humanitarian community.

In future we plan to expand our area of work to FATA, KPK and AJK, and also work on majorly soft components like basic human rights, democracy and capacity building along with the on-going thematic working areas. In all these endeavors the strong cooperation of the CDF team is required as always and using this opportunity, I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the CDF team & friends from the donor community and philanthropists for their untiring efforts and dedication to their work. Their strong belief in what they are doing for the humanity is a strong driving force for the CDF as a team.


Neelam Majeed (CEO)


She is Skilled Social Sector Development practitioner with over 15 years of experience in managing projects. She has Good analytical, management and leading skills including creative and innovative problem resolution and negotiation. Good organizational skills, ability to work on own initiative as well as member of team. Experience in designing and conducting research studies, evaluation studies, papers, articles and developing and implementing behavior change communication strategies. Have sound knowledge of Afghan Refugees, their issues and problems in Pakistan. She is well versed with development issues and challenges and the tactics & modalities of handling and addressing these issues. She has full experience of working with multiple national and international donors, embassies and UN agencies, signing contracts and going through the eternal audits and evaluations. She has received number of awards for her services in the humanitarian sector and is also member of different public offices which are given in detail. In 2016 she received two main awards including the “Presidential Award for Human Rights” which is attribution of her work and skills.