CDF is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-political, developmental organization. The leading factor behind this journey of struggle for humanity is the misery suffered by the human beings either internal or external. The social dilemmas of differences, discrimination, inequity and marginalization; economic dilemmas of lack of either resources or access to resources; political dilemmas of disrespecting the rights of individuals citizens in different respects; overall dilemma of ignorance, poor development, suppressing the voice of humanity in misery, violation of basic human rights are driving force for CDF to remove all these misfortunes and make efforts for an empowered, developed and progressive society.

The starting point was fevered more with passion and less with resources. A small school was started in Garden Town to bring educational opportunity for the deprived and poor students. Gradually, the number of students increased putting stress on the meager resources. However, funds were arranged on self-help basis from philanthropists and support was provided to hundreds of students. It was in 2002, but the CDF got itself properly registered in 2010, to be able to provide assistance to the flood affectees. Because the magnitude of disaster was so large, human resource was required in large number to work for relief and recovery, but without registration it was not possible to get financial resources for the provision of required assistance to the flood affectees. Registration not only provided an opportunity to work for the relief, recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction work but also opened venues to work for the alleviation of miseries, misfortunes, giving rise to an enabling environment conducive to human superiority over everything.

The CEO of the organization received two awards in 2016 for the best performance of the organization in the humanitarian sector. 1. Markaz Publications Women Role Model Award 2. Presidential Human Rights Award for 2016

Fight Against Misery Mission Statement:-

Alleviation of misery from the life of people through mobilization of poor, vulnerable and marginalized groups of society and their participation in the development initiatives, and creation of an aware and empowered society.


• To promote democratic norms in the society.

• To capacitate the communities regarding their needs.

• To promote healthy environment among youth by organizing them.

• To promote gender equality and healthy cultural activities.

• To equipped and aware the people about education, health and self-help initiatives.


• Social Mobilization

• Networking, advocacy and Communication

• Capacity building, financial and technical support

• Research and knowledge building , awareness

• Complement existing public/private intervention


Courage Development Foundation is registered under:-

• Societies Act 1860

• Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP)


1. A progressive organization showing good performance within 7 years of its establishment, expanding area and sectors of work.

2. The organization have office meeting major needs for the implementation of various types of projects.

3. The organization has experience of working with various donors i.e. Government, UN agencies national and international organizations.

UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

PPAF (Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund)

4. Have organizational system and policies

5. CDF has computerized accounting system using “Quick Book Pro” software

6. The organization has strong linkages and coordination with Government line departments, media and other non-profit organizations.

7. The organization is working with donors on regular basis since its inception without any major funding gap.

8. The organization has handled grants of more than Rs. 300 million and conducts annual audit.


• Gender equality.

• Peace and democracy.

• Religious and cultural freedom.

• Decentralization of powers and resources.

• Regional cooperation.

• Right to express.

• Discipline and Simplicity.

Organizational Policies

• Operational Policy and Manual

• Human Resource Policy and Manual

• Financial Policy and Manual

• Procurement Policy and Manual

Coordination and Networking

• Member District Gender Mainstreaming Committee

• Member Provincial Consumer Protection Council

• National Humanitarian Network

• Provincial Disaster Management Authority

• District NGO Coordinators Multan, Muzafargarh, DG Khan, Rajan Pur

• District Social Welfare Departments, Multan, Muzafargarh, DG Khan and Rajan Pur

Working on Soft Components Advocacy, Awareness and Human Rights

1. CDF carried out a strong advocacy of the boat people at provincial level and resultantly DG PDMA allocated 38 acres of land for the boat people in DG Khan for the first time in the history of boat people for their shelter construction

2. CDF carried out advocacy of boat people at the District level for their registration with NADRA and made boat people aware of their right of registration as a citizen of state. Resultant to CDF efforts, NADRA sent its mobile van and registered more than 300 individuals.

3. In order to provide the basic right of education to the boat children who had never attended any school, CDF registered more than 200 children of school going age and provided them bags and teachers but the process stopped due to lack of funding

4. CDF purchased land from its own resources for the protection of women and children of landless IDPs of Flood 2010 and 2011 and constructed shelters providing protection to 343 families, more than 600 women and 800 children.

5. CDF carried out anti-dengue campaigns to raise awareness about the Dengue and conducted session in various schools

6. CDF conducted discussion forums to raise awareness about elections, process and secrecy of ballots, participation of youth in the elections

7. Carried out various research studies on different topics like street children, situation of Government schools in rural areas of District Multan, effect of malnutrition on the health of mother and new born, boat people (life and livelihood) etc

CDF Offices

• National Liaison Office Islamabad

• Head Quarter in Multan

• Field Office District Muzafargarh

• Field Office District D.G.Khan

Allowed to Work

Courage Development Foundation is allowed to work all over the Pakistan with Pakistani Community and has special “No Objection Certificate” to work with Afghan Refugees.